About BJ Dowlen and Bodyworks Enterprises

BJ Dowlen is the Founder and President of Bodyworks Enterprises, an elite sports writing and sports performance group founded in 1999. The team consists of the leading sports performance therapists, fascial flexibility stretch therapists, massage therapists, sports event planners and ghostwriters around the world. Bodyworks Enterprisers develops top health and fitness products used to teach office wellness and travel wellness.


About BodyworksBall
BJ developed BodyworksBall through her work with elite pro athletes, professional sports teams and Fortune 500 companies. One common issue among the pro athletes, office workers, business travelers and the general public was the physical pain caused by sitting, travel, working on tech devices and other sedentary activities. BodyworksBall solves this problem quickly and easily, and is proudly Made in America.

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BJ Dowlen
Founder and President, Bodyworks Enterprises
o: 848.232.2614


Marketing for BodyworksBall
Deena Baikowitz
c: 917.405.5335


Oprah’s O Magazine


Oprah’s O Magazine
17 Things That Will Help You Be Healthier in 2016


Inc. Magazine "Best In Class" Awards 2015 – OFFICE Category

This medieval-looking sling is the ultimate body-stress reliever. The ball dangles from the end of a stretchy cord. To work out the kinks in your back, simply position yourself against the wall, and roll your back against the ball. This simple exercise ball not only will redefine office swag; it will also provide a less obtrusive alternative to doing the downward dog in the office lounge.


Barbara Corcoran Seal Of Approval

Barbara Corcoran Seal Of Approval - Winners Dreams Becoming Reality


Fit Bottomed Girls - Yoga & Recovery Goodies We’re Loving

Super Portable Massage Accessory: "I’ve been having issues with a stiff neck for … well, weeks now… sometimes I need a little relief when I’m out and about. Plus, there are times when I know exactly where the knot is and I just need to, you know, get it. Well, when I was in New York to speak on a panel at STORY in January, I met BJ, the founder of BodyworksBall, and you guys? I don’t want to live without it".
“…It’s small enough to fit in most handbags (and you definitely have room in your gym bag), so there’s no reason to remain in pain!” 


New York State Cancer Prevention Summit

BJ Dowlen leads Physical Activity Breaks using BodyworksBall



Manufacturing Institute Wins ‘Women in Manufacturing STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Ahead Award’

The Manufacturing Institute’s ‘Women in Manufacturing STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Ahead Award’. This national honor identifies the best of the best women in the manufacturing industry, women who exemplify leadership within their companies, and further encourages women to mentor and support the next generation of female talent to pursue manufacturing careers.


Los Angeles Times

L.A. Times Holiday Gift Guide 2015: 17 gifts that will guarantee a healthier 2016 

Take this self-massage tool with you and you've got a simple way to get a little relief from stress wherever you are. BodyworksBall is a simple idea: a hard ball attached to a rope and handle. Just position the ball where you need the relief and hold the handle to manipulate it and get the kinks out of shoulders, feet and other spots. $34.99. 



TV Show host Joe Zee of FABLife TV show LOVES the BodyworksBall 


Prevention Magazine

What It Takes To Change Your Life

I've always had a gift for relieving pain. When I was a kid, my family members would say, 'Ouch! My neck! Send BJ over,' and I'd work out whatever was bothering them. As an adult I worked in a corporate environment and felt satisfaction at the end of the day, but not joy. So I left to start my own sports-performance business full-time. 


Brick Shorebeat

BJ Dowlen is Brick Township’s most famous woman you haven’t met yet

“…outside of the business success story is a story of success in life. Dowlen practices good business and a good life, a combination that has won her fans from Oprah Winfrey to Shark Tank’s Daymond John.” 


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